Wednesday, May 23, 2018


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Marketing (English: marketing) is an activity, a set of institutions, and the process of creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging valuable offers to customers, clients, partners and the general public.

Marketing begins with the fulfillment of human needs which then grow into human desire. For example, human needs water to fulfill their thirst. If there is a glass of water then thirst needs will be met.

 But people not only want to meet their needs but also want to fulfill his wishes such as a water glass brand Aqua is clean and easy to carry. So this man choose Aqua bottle that suits the needs in the thirst and in accordance with the desire that is also easy to carry.

The process of fulfilling human needs and wants is the concept of marketing. Starting from the fulfillment of products (product), pricing (price), delivery of goods (place), and promote the goods (promotion). Someone who works in the marketing of so-called marketers.

marketing -
marketing -

 This marketer should have knowledge in marketing concepts and principles so that marketing activities can be achieved in accordance with the needs and wants of humans, especially the intended consumer.



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